Hadjer Chorana

Dr. Hadjer Chorana Specialist orthopedic

Years of Experience : 4

Nationality : Algeria

Languages Known : Arabic, French, English

Education & Training: Advanced Arthroscopy Course of Shoulder & Knee with Dr. Philippe Landreau | Advanced Arthroscopy Course of Knee & Shoulder, AOS | Shoulder Arthroscopy Course | Osteo-articular Ultrasound | PRP in Osteoarthritis & Trauma

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Dr. Hadjer Chorana, a proficient specialist in orthopedic surgery with 4 years of experience, embarked on her medical journey by earning a Doctor of Medicine degree in October 2012. She further honed her skills by obtaining a Master’s degree in orthopedic surgery in February 2019.

Dr. Chorana boasts a diverse orthopedic background, excelling in various domains. She is well-versed in addressing injuries to the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, femur, leg, hip, pelvis, ankle, and foot, including complex fractures. Her expertise extends to performing hip and knee prosthetic surgeries, focusing on enhancing joint function and mobility.

Her skill set includes conducting knee arthroscopy for conditions such as meniscus lesions and osteochondritis dissecans, as well as effectively managing anterior cruciate ligament injuries. Proficient in shoulder arthroscopic procedures, she excels in rotator cuff repairs, subacromial decompression, and anterior shoulder stabilizations to improve joint stability.

Backed by a strong academic foundation and 4 years of practical experience, Dr. Hadjer Chorana is committed to providing top-notch orthopedic care to her patients.


  • Expertise in traumatology, specializing in shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, femur, leg, hip, pelvis, ankle, and foot injuries, as well as complex fractures.
  • Proficient in hip and knee prosthetic surgery, ensuring improved joint function and mobility.
  • Skilled in surgical procedures for congenital dislocation of the hip, addressing congenital hip issues effectively.
  • Specialization in hand surgery, particularly for Dupuytren's disease, providing relief and improved hand function.
  • Experienced in knee arthroscopic procedures, including the treatment of meniscus lesions and osteochondritis dissecans.
  • Competent in arthroscopic techniques for addressing anterior cruciate ligament injuries in the knee.
  • Proficient in shoulder arthroscopic procedures, such as rotator cuff repair and subacromial decompression.
  • Capable of performing anterior shoulder stabilization to enhance joint stability.
  • Expertise in repairing distal biceps and quadriceps tendon ruptures, as well as patellar and Achilles tendon repairs.
  • Skilled in managing patellar instability, nerve repairs, diabetic foot surgery, hallux valgus correction, arthritis surgery of the knee, carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, and sports medicine procedures, including osteoarticular ultrasound and bio-orthopedic treatments like PRP therapy.


  • Membership of the Algerian Society of Knee and Hip Surgery and Arthroscopy (SAGHA)
  • Membership of the Algerian Orthopedic Surgeons (AOS)


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