Promoting Health through the Science of Nutrition

The Department of Dietetics at Medeor, Abu Dhabi, provides clinical nutritional care for patients. This includes clinical assessments of patients' nutritional status, taking into account their medical history, current condition, and diet, working with physicians and other health professionals to develop treatment plans, and providing education on nutrition to patients and staff. The department is staffed with registered dieticians who work with each patient individually to assess their nutritional needs and create a personalized plan based on those needs. Our dieticians work closely with physicians, nurses, and other caregivers to ensure that each patient receives proper care, including adjusting diets based on lab values or any change in condition or medication regimen. In addition to these services, our dieticians provide education about weight-loss strategies, diabetes management, and heart-healthy diets.

Obesity and Weight Management

General Nutrition/ Healthy Diets

Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Counseling

Cardiovascular Disorders

Kidney Disorders

Liver Problems

Gastrointestinal Problems

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Pre/ Post Bariatric Surgery Diets

Pre/Post Balloon Weight Loss Treatment Diets

Women Health-Pregnancy and Lactation

Food Allergies

Eating Disorders

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