Christina Johnsson

Dr. Christina Johnsson Consultant Endocrinology

Years of Experience : 23

Nationality : Sweden

Languages Known : English, Swedish


Dr. Chistina Johnsson is a Consultant Endocrinologist with experience as a physician, endocrinology diabetes, and internal medicine treating patients. She completed her Education at a reputed university in Sweden in 2001. She later attained her specialist certificate in Internal medicine & Specialist certificate in endocrinology and diabetes from the National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare in 2009 & 2017, respectively. Dr. Christina Johnsson holds more than two decades of experience & has worked in Sweden before moving to UAE in 2020. She is well-trained in managing diabetes and other endocrine-related medical concerns. She is known for her patient-centric & friendly approach.

Awards & Achievements

  • 2001 Medical Degree Uppsala University Sweden
  • 2002 Licenced physician National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare
  • 2009 Specialist License Internal medicine. National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare
  • 2017 Specialist License in Endocrinology and Diabetes. National Swedish Board of Health and Welfare


  • Management of All Kinds of Diabetes And Its Complications, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Monogen Diabetes and Secondary Diabetes
  • Management of Diabetes In Preconception
  • Management of Gestational Diabetes
  • Management of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and Monogen Other Types of Diabetes During Pregnancy
  • Management of Lipid Disorders
  • Management of Endocrine Diseases like Thyroid Diseases, Pituitary Diseases, Adrenal Diseases, Disorders Of Calcium Metabolism, Disorders of Growth and Development
  • Management of Obesity Medications, Lifestyle and Follow Up After Bariatric Surgery Management of Osteoporosis Management of Acute Diabetes Complications And Other Inpatient Diabetes And Endocrine Problems


  • Swedish Society of Endocrinology
  • Swedish Society of Diabetes
  • Swedish Society of Osteoporosis


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