Comprehensive Care for Adults and Children with Hormone Disorders

The Department of Endocrinology at Medeor Hospital, Dubai, provides comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic, and consultative services to patients with endocrine disorders, including diabetes and other metabolic conditions. Catalyzed by our multidisciplinary team, we're committed to high-quality patient care and education in the areas including type 1 diabetes mellitus, type 2 diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, adrenal gland disorders, pituitary gland disorders, and reproductive health disorders, and general endocrinology. Our board-certified endocrinologists are committed to delivering patient-centered care to successfully manage the treatment and recovery of patients with endocrine disorders.

Thyroid And Parathyroid Disorders

Pituitary Gland Disorders

Hypothalamic Disorders

Adrenal Disorders

Sex Hormone Disorders

Pancreatic Disorders

Metabolic Disorders

Metabolic Bone Disorders

Electrolyte Homeostasis Disorders

Screening and Diagnosis for Secondary Hypertension

Detection, Treatment, and Follow-up of Endocrine Tumors

Detection, Treatment, and Follow-up of Inherited Endocrine Syndromes

Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndromes

Screening for Differential Diagnosis of Obesity

Basic Laboratory Exams

Short-Term Endocrine Stimulation Tests

Complex Pituitary and Hypothalamic Testing (Factorial and Hypoglycemic)

Screening Tests for Metabolic Disorders

Fine Needle Biopsies

Bone Densitometry (DEXA and QCT/PQCT)

Molecular Screening for Mutations

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