Exceptional Care for Patients With Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Disorders

At Medeor Dubai, we understand the challenges posed by rheumatic diseases. Our dedicated Rheumatology Department delivers personalized care for a wide range of conditions, helping you manage your symptoms and regain control of your life.

Expert Diagnosis and Treatment

Our team of highly skilled Rheumatologists is passionate about providing accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools and personalized treatment approaches, including medication, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications. 

Conditions We Treat

  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • Gout and Pseudogout 
  • Metabolic Bone Diseases 
  • Connective Tissue Diseases 
  • Muscle, Joint, and Bone Disorders 
  • Immune System Mediated and Autoimmune Diseases 
  • Inflammatory Spinal Disorders 
  • Inflammatory Vascular Disorders 

Advanced Technologies

Medeor Dubai’s Rheumatology Department is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure a precise diagnosis and effective treatment plan. This includes: 

  • MRI 
  • CT Scan 
  • Digital X-ray 
  • Bone Dexa Scan 
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 

Why Choose Medeor Dubai for Rheumatology Care? 

  • Experienced Rheumatologists: Our team comprises internationally recognized specialists with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating complex rheumatic conditions. 
  • Personalized Care: We believe in a patient-centered approach, tailoring treatment plans to your individual needs and preferences. 
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize the latest diagnostic tools and treatments to ensure accurate diagnosis and optimal outcomes. 
  • Compassionate Support: Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need throughout your journey to better health.

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