UAE: Stressing out over CBSE board exams? Experts offer 15 must-know tips to help students manage

UAE educators as well as wellness experts are urging students to prioritise their health ahead of the CBSE board exams that are scheduled to begin in less than a month.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board examinations commence on February 15 for both Grades 10 and 12. The examinations will end on April 2, 2024.

To maintain a standardised start time, all examinations will begin at 9am UAE time.

Eat healthy, sleep properly

Meanwhile, principals emphasise that students should prioritise their health, especially leading up to exams. This involves maintaining a healthy diet and ensuring adequate sleep to support optimal brain function.

Muhammad Ali Kottakkulam, Principal at Gulf Indian High School, Dubai, said, “Most students cram tirelessly the previous day of the exams burning the midnight oil which affects both their perception and memory, leading to imperfect answers and poor scores. Extreme deprivation of sleep and food leads to falling sick on the day of the exam which could be devastating.”

“Avoid being overstressed. Keep all the stationery ready for the exam including the admission ticket the previous day itself. Reach the examination centre a bit earlier than required, stop revising at least fifteen minutes before the exam, enter the exam hall when asked for, and be seated in the seat allocated. Stay quiet and preferably meditate or pray.”

Review question paper thoroughly

They stressed students must enter their details meticulously in the designated section of the answer booklet, remain composed, and make optimal use of the reading time to thoroughly review the question paper.

“Start answering the questions from well-known to unknown. Attempt all questions and manage the time efficiently. Check the answers against the question numbers and for perfection before handing over the answer script to the invigilator,” he added.

Rest your mind, be calm

Headteachers stressed that the mind and body are connected which is highly influenced by the emotional state and the kind of food being consumed regularly.

Abhilasha Singh, Principal, Shining Star International said, “Good health is the key to a successful life. Good sleep keeps the brain fresh, and recalling information is easier with a rested mind. I advise students not to eat outside food during exams as an upset stomach or indigestion can cost them their results. Students must improve hydration too during this time. Avoid too much caffeine and study on a light stomach.”

Similarly, wellness experts in the country point out that staying hydrated, engaging in regular exercise, and effectively managing stress play important roles in fostering cognitive wellness, especially ahead of any major exams.

Girish Hemnani, Life Coach and Energy Healer based in Dubai, said, “It’s vital to know one’s ‘Gut-Brain’ connection and create a balanced and diverse diet that supports a healthy gut microbiome that can positively influence cognitive function. Foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics such as yogurt and fiber-rich vegetables contribute to gut health, potentially benefiting the brain. Similarly, sleep is essential for memory consolidation, learning, and cognitive performance. Remember that quality sleep facilitates the brain to undergo processes that strengthen neural connections, helping to solidify new information and optimize problem-solving abilities.”

Work on a study plan

Experts point out that taking proper steps to manage well-being can help limit the negative effects of tension on the body.

Dr Noher Moustafa, Specialist Pediatrics, Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, said, “Having a concrete and organized study plan is helpful. Students should focus on one task at a time. When students can focus on the present task without ruminating about the last exam or worrying about the next project, work efficiency often increases, which in turn contributes to a sense of fulfilment and makes it easier to move on to the next task on the to-do list.”

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