UAE: Psychologists urge parents to look out for signs of ADHD in children

An 11-year-old boy was giving his parents and teachers a hard time. His mother, Kritika (name changed) tried to discipline him but to no avail.
The boy would harm himself or hurt others whenever he was discouraged from indulging in hyperactive behaviour. “They complained that he is not attentive in classes and never did his classwork properly. Even at home, when he pushed him to do homework, he was found to be less interested,” said the parent. Kritika was then advised to consult a clinical psychologist.

What is ADHD?

“Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that affects people’s behaviour. People with ADHD can seem restless, may have trouble concentrating and may act on impulse,” said Dr Shaju George, psychiatrist at Medeor Hospital, Dubai.

Psychologists in the country say that ADHD affects many children here. They add that children suffering from the disorder must get medical attention.

Signs and symptoms:

Inattentiveness :

  • Having a short attention span and being easily distracted
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Unable to stick to tasks that are tedious or time-consuming
  • Appearing like they are unable to listen to or carry out instructions
  • Constantly changing activity or task at hand
  • Having difficulty organising tasks

Hyper-activeness & Impulsiveness:

  • Unable to sit still, especially in calm or quiet surroundings
  • Constantly fidgeting, unable to concentrate on tasks
  • Excessive physical movement, excessive talking
  • Unable to wait their turn, acting without thinking
  • Interrupting conversations
  • Little or no sense of danger

Social communication deficits:

  • Decreased sharing of interests with others
  • Difficulty appreciating their own & others’ emotions
  • Aversion to maintaining eye contact
  • Lack of proficiency with use of non-verbal gestures
  • Stilted or scripted speech
  • Interpreting abstract ideas literally
  • Difficulty making friends or keeping them

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