UAE nursing demand drives more men to join the frontline

A shortage of nurses across the United Arab Emirates amid the country’s booming health sector is driving more men across the country to join the front line of care.

Experts say more men working as nurses is a welcome sign of diversity that improves the quality of care for patients’ hospital and healthcare settings, saying the UAE needs both male and female nurses to care for patients in view of the patients’ cultural demands.

Among them is Hafiz Alavi, an emergency nurse at Medeor Hospital in Dubai.

He has been working as a nurse for eight years, five of those he has spent in the UAE.

The Indian expat, who hails from Kerala, explained to Al Arabiya English he pursued the career out of a desire to help others.

“Its my passion to serve the people. We not only help people, but we also save lives. Men are needed in many areas of nursing, such as ICUs. And I say – it is so rewarding. Working as a nurse – it is like a gift.”

“Women and men – we are equals in this profession.” This, he stressed, was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This was a time when there was a huge need. It was a gift during this time to serve people.”

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