UAE: Get your flu jab, remind doctors amid seasonal change

Doctors in the UAE are once again urging residents to adopt basic hygiene measures, and hike their immunity by getting the annual flu shot, as households report symptoms of respiratory illnesses.

“These respiratory illnesses are not new. They are usually seen in school-going children, and are now also affecting adults, especially the elderly. As their immunity is generally low, they are more affected,” said Dr Mohamed Shafeeq, head of internal medicine at Medeor Hospital, Dubai.

How to maximize your protection from the flu

Dr Shafeeq shared the following tips:
Get the flu shot. The vaccine does not necessarily prevent you from getting the flu, but it minimizes the severity and risk of complications. In addition, elderly patients are advised to get their jabs as early as possible.
Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.
Stay away from infected people or those with symptoms.
Stay adequately hydrated.
Eat foods rich in Vitamin C.
Get seven to eight hours of good sleep to keep your immune system healthy
Try to wear a mask during flu season when in closed spaces or crowded areas.

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