From speed limit to age restrictions: 10 rules to follow in UAE when riding an e-scooter

In order to cope with heat during daily commutes, many are increasingly choosing this as a practical transportation solution, especially for short distances

It’s important for individuals who use e-scooters to take proper precautions in hot weather to avoid sunburn and dehydration, underline medics in the UAE.

Electric scooters have become an increasingly popular form of transportation, especially during the summer months, as they allow for a comfortable, open-air ride.

In order to cope with the heat during daily commutes, many are increasingly choosing it as a practical transportation solution, especially to cover short distances.

Dr. Vishnu Chaitanya Swaroopa Sura, Specialist Internal Medicine, Medeor Hospital, Dubai, says, “Using a helmet and polarized bike glasses with UV protection for sunlight reflection can reduce the risk of accidents. I recommend people use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 or preferably SPF 50 plus to protect themselves from UV rays. The most important thing is to keep oneself hydrated by drinking liquids or fluids, frequently, every 15 to 30 minutes. It’s also advisable to take fluids with electrolytes to stay hydrated and maintain electrolytes and muscle contraction. Another important thing is to wear loose-fitting and light-coloured clothes made from breathable fabrics like cotton.”

While electric scooters are a novel, innovative, and rapidly expanding form of transportation, medics aver with soaring temperatures its important take regular breaks to cool down in shaded areas.

Remaining hydrated is equally important as human beings lose water constantly through their skin and sweat – especially when exposed to outside temperatures.

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