Prepare for Ramadan to be more spiritually elated.

It is five days to the Holy Month of Ramadan. While even non-Muslims may opt to fast, four medical specialists are reminding everyone not to be affected by external factors as the season is also a time to improve on virtues such as selflessness and patience. Let it be the time to re-work on the healthy lifestyle by way of enjoying more nutritious food and engaging in physical exercises with loved ones and those who matter.

Medeor Hospital (Dubai) Clinical Dietician Juliot Vinolia,pointed out the need for medical consultations, particularly for the chronically ill, to obviate untoward circumstances.

Vinolia brought up the idea of the “(indulgence) to plant-based and planet-friendly food choices with minimal ultra-processed food.” At the height of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, country-wide to international research works had confirmed that those with life-long ailments, due to unhealthy lifestyles were the ones grossly impacted.

“There are some key aspects to remember before starting to fast especially these post-pandemic times. A sound mind and body are required for making healthy choices and vice-versa. We all know nutrition and good physical activity greatly affect the balance of chemicals in our body, our ability to fight disease, manage stress of both physiological and psychological kind. Excessive consumption of high calorie and processed foods lead to obesity, chronic inflammatory diseases of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys; trigger autoimmune conditions and cause genetic mutation leading to cancer. COVID19-triggered inflammation has put people with diabetes and hypertension a greater risk of damaged heart muscle cells, narrowing blood vessels and poor lung capacity. It is highly recommended to consult a physician, re-adjust one’s medication dosage and timing before starting to fast. Getting our blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure evaluated a week before fasting helps better manage any pre-existing diabetes or blood cholesterol issues,” she also said.

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