Losing hair and ageing prematurely? Check your oestrogen level.

Dubai: We have all spent minutes, if not hours, in front of the mirror, pulling at the skin on our face, trying to iron out that subtle congregation of crow’s feet at the corner of our eyes, or stretching our necks to lift that visible droop around the jawline.

While sun damage and stress might cross your mind as culprits behind your skin woes, oestrogen, specifically a lack of it, is probably the last factor to make it to the list. Yes, the hormone responsible for development of the female reproductive system, childbearing and regulating menstruation is a major player when it comes to skin health.

Tips to balance oestrogen production through diet

Juliot Vinolia, Clinical dietician with Medeor Hospital, explained that natural diet and lifestyle changes could easily help replenish premature oestrogen depletion from the body. Women need to have a diet rich in plant-based oestrogens or phytooestrogens to help replenish their oestrogen naturally, apart from regularly exercising and cutting back on high-calorie processed foods. Such foods can wreak havoc with your hormones, causing imbalance that can trigger a metabolic syndrome resulting in obesity.

Ways to replenish oestrogen naturally:

• Bring your stress levels under control, meditate and start deep-breathing exercises.

• Eat a diet full of ingredients rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Foods such as flax seeds are your best friends who will reduce free radical damage and balance oestrogen levels.

• Exercise regularly to increase blood circulation flexibility and elasticity.

While these are long-term strategies to revive your lack lustre skin and lay a strong foundation for good skin health, there are cosmetic treatments in the market that can correct the symptoms of EDS if you are on the hunt for more instant solutions.

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