Medhat Tawfik

Dr. Medhat Tawfik

Consultant ENT & HOD

Years of Experience : 15

Nationality : Syria

Languages Known : English , Arabic

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Dr. Medhat, Consultant ENT, has over 34 years of expertise in the area and has successfully treated many patients. His clinical experience includes the treatment of acute and chronic sinus, ear, throat, tonsil, and adenoid inflammation, the removal of foreign bodies from the ear, nose, and throat, the diagnostic use of endoscopes in the nose, throat, and larynx, the control of bleeding, the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo, and the removal of ear wax. With extensive experience in his field, he has performed numerous surgeries, including wedge resection of the pinna, myringotomy, myringoplasty, polypectomy, septoplasty, function endoscopic sinus surgery, tonsillectomy and adenoid removal, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, micro laryngoscopy, and tracheostomy. 

Research & Publications

  • "Tuberculous Otitis Media." Essay submitted for the partial fulfillment of M.Sc. degree (ENT). Cairo Medical School (May 1989) Post Scleromatous Subglottic Stenosis. A thesis submitted for the partial fulfillment of MD. Degree (ENT). Cairo Medical School (Dec. 1995)


  • MD, FRCS Edinburgh


  • Treatment of Nose Allergy Chronic Sinusitis
  • Endoscopic Sinuses Surgery
  • Management of Repeated Throat and Tonsil Infection
  • Ear Surgeries as Ventilation Tubes Insertion, Myringoplasty, Partial Resection of Pineal
  • Diagnosis and Management of Snoring
  • Management of Vertigo, Tinnitus, and Hearing Loss
  • Management of Voice Disturbance, Vocal Cords Nodules, and Polyp
  • Removal of Foreign Bodies and Control of Nasal Bleeding


  • Medical Society UAE

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